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Scanning Services for Loved Ones

Mail Away Photo & Document Scanning Service

Protect and convert your Photos,  Slides and Documents
Mail us your Family photos and Slides before the Storms.
Digitized and copied to DVD, CD-Rom, Flash Drive
10 years in business, Never lost a Shipment !

 We use  Kodak state of the art high speed scanners
 that assure quality and economy. 

Doc's and Photos may be any size from business card to 8.5 x 14
(must be free of paste, was and backing) 
All images will be saved on CD / DVD /Thumb-drive

Scanned at 300, 600 or 1200 dpi as little as .19 cents each
35mm mounted slides scanned at 600 or 1200 dpi (see form)
Includes some basic color, highlight, dust removal and contrast editing 
Large Quantities (over 500) 10% discount

Custom PhotoShop editing hourly at current rate.
Slide Shows / Movies (ask for quote)
Minimum order $50.00 + $10.00 S&H
Shipping by FedEx Ground or USPS
Save shipping and pick up images in LovedOnes Cloud.

Florida Residences add 7% sales Tax

Lots of Extras
Extra copies of CD / DVD / or  2 gig  Flash Drive
On-line secure back-up of data
Secure shareable Photo Albums with full editing permissions including face recognition and captions

Download our form and follow instructions to protect your images today.   
Download Order Form
Fill out on line and or print , or save blank to your computer to print and fill out by hand.

Have questions E-mail

Tips for arranging your Photos and Documents
Prepare a USPS Flat Rate Priority mailing box or equivalent FedEx or UPS
Best size is  8.5  x 11 x  5.5 inches 

Check List Before Shipping

1.      Remove all documents and photos from Albums.

2.      Clean all backing, glue, staples and paper clips from photos and documents.

3.      Stack in groups from largest to smallest with Index 4x6 Card with ID on top.

4.      Group in categories (I.E.) Autos, People, Fishing, Dates.

5.      Count groups and fill out order form with information and add up prices.

6.      Rubber band together and suggest using Ziploc bags for protection.
We cannot guarantee shipping accidents but in over 10 years we have never lost a shipment.

7.      Pack in shipping box and use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill space.

8.      Place a envelope with Order Form and Payment Check on top and seal carton. Or click PayPal link to pay by credit card or Bill Me box on order form. 

9.      Be sure to purchase tracking services if using USPS Priority Mail ( proof of delivery to our address).  FedEx and UPS include this tracking. 

10.  Insure your package if you think it is necessary

Mail to our address below

1.      To pay by Credit Card customers may use the Credit Card PayPal Button on the Order Form.  This is the most secure form of payment using your cards.  Be sure to use the same name on PayPal payment as on your order form or  write a note that you have paid by PayPal account or by PayPal using a Credit Card.  (ID the name to match up with your order).  Then ship your package to us.   You do not have to be a PayPal member to use your credit card on this service.    If you want us to bill you after we receive your package, check off that box on the Order Form.  

At LovedOnes Inc. take great care in protecting your valuable images and documents.
If the copy comes to us and we see a problem, you will receive a phone call and be apprised of any special handling and additional charges that may apply before we proceed.  
                        Thanks for trusting us with your valuable assets.

Mail To
LovedOnes Inc.
1100 16th Street North
St. Petersburg, Fl 33705

Or we can invoice you on receipt of Documents if requested.  Just check off Bill Me box on Order Form. 

Download Order Form

LovedOnes Inc.727 400-4196
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