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Digital Storage Off-Site access from anywhere... 
Have you ever needed access to a personal file document or photos when you least expected it?  Now we have to solution.  Secure On-line Storage at LovedOnes is the way to go.  Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around storage disks, removable memory, or emailing important files to yourself! Online File Folder gives you instant access to all your important files and photos even lets you synchronize files on your computer with your Online File Folder so you’re always working on the latest version.
Think of Online File Folder as your own personal piece of the Internet. Store, access, and share presentations, spreadsheets, reports … even large files like music, photos, and film clips. Online File Folder’s generous storage makes it a snap – and you can add storage affordably, anytime you need it, all the way up to a whopping 10GB.
Online LovedOnes File Folders:
  • Keeps your files bank-vault safe. You control access with password protection and powerful 128-bit encryption keeps your files secure from thieves and hackers.
  • It's oh-so easy to use. Access, share, and manage files and folders right from your desktop.
  • Lets you backup, store, retrieve, and share your files anytime, from any computer that has an Internet connection.
  • Bypasses ISP restrictions on email attachment size. Just email a link to the file you want to share, instead of the file itself. No more bounced emails, waiting for files to upload and download, or clogged inboxes.
  • Makes it easy to manage your storage space. You can compress and expand even the largest files with a mouse click.
  • Is affordable. Just pennies a day give you a slick interface, ample storage space and instant access to your files.
So why hassle with patchwork fixes to your on-the-go file needs? Get your own personal piece of the Internet today and have secure synchronized access to your files in home, office or on the road with  Online File Folder Storage Service at LovedOnes!

Example - Recently- One of our clients was on a trip to Costa Rica and got mugged.  The robbers took his wallet, Cash, Credit Cards, Cell Phone and Passport. After the bleeding stopped, the Police let him use their internet connection to access the LovedOnes Offsite Secure Digital Storage File. He was able to downloaded all necessary records to stop payments on credit cards and accessed others accounts that allowed allowed him to pay hospital bills and draw money from the local bank.  Proving his identity at the various agencies and at the airport would have been a real hassle without this documentation.  He was able to continue his trip and return home with minimum loss of time and funds and a potential world record Tarpon on Fly Tackle.  Ed    
E-mail for price schedule.

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