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I want to purchase the Private LovedOnes Family Album On-Line Special Package.  This package includes the following.

  1. Up to 100 Images to be Scanned and Published, plus 5000 worlds of Text or 10 pages.

  2. Secure Private Access by password only accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet

  3. Acts as Digital Storage Bank plus two backup CD's for safe keeping

I will mail /overnight original Photos for Scanning, Slides and Text direct to your office. 

I will mail or Overnight or e-mail you digital images.  (Floppy, CD accepted) 
Type of digital  image Files you will be providing  (I.E. Jpg Gif )  

General size resolution and general quality editing is included on digital files. 
Special Editing (I.E. remove a person from photo) is extra and will be billed at $55.00 per hour.  

Pure Text Files like a book manuscript are best provided in a word program. 5,000 words may be included or 10 pages.  Forms, Certificates and other originals Like Military Records, will be scanned as an image and PDF file produced.  

Do you have a computer at home (Click for yes) and is it an IBM      or Mac 
Do you want to be able to Edit your Album by Adding text and Images (Click box for yes)
Do you need a Website Editing Program (Click box for yes). LovedOnes will provide a html edition program if needed.

Would you like a proposal of LovedOnes Inc. Recommended Hardware Software solutions for Imaging and website management projects.  Check box for yes.

Please print out this form and keep it for your records. 

If you are mailing information direct to us you may use or FedEx account if you Pre-Pay for Album.  We will pay for shipping both ways.  You will also receive a $100.00 discount by using the PayPal Link below. 


Payment Click on one. 


Thanks   LovedOnes Editors


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