Have you ever wondered how one is to protect the Family History (photo albums, slides and movies) personal documents (I,E.) birth certificates, copies of credit cards, military discharges, from loss, Natural Disasters or Time Deterioration?

Worry No More! LovedOnes Members can Preserve This History Forever by Publishing  Family Albums and Documents on Digital Medium to last a lifetime. 

We will walk you through our systems and provide you with the technical expertise of creating such an archive for your family. We use your own computers and scanners or upgrade you to the latest state of the art hardware for your project and train you how to use it. 

If you don't want to deal with the technical part of copying and publishing we will quote a turnkey project cost and work with you to create CD's, DVD's, and Video files from your home or in our office.  This file is then stored in our ultra secure offsite digital offsite storage bank. 

The LovedOnes storage bank makes it possible to access your private secure information with passwords only known to you and trusted family and friends.  It is unbelievable how handy this system works in an emergency situation. (I.E.) You could be out of the country and injured in a boating accident with all your belongings lost.  From any Internet connection you may access your personal  file folder and retrieve copies of all your families scanned personal information like credit cards and  bank account numbers, passports, birth certificates and insurance policies.  This could help you recover your identity and continue your trip in comfort.  One of our senior Officers has 30 years plus in banking security experience and your information will be in good hands.   

History and Documents Instantly Accessible Anywhere In The World, Archived and Securely Stored For Duration!
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