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Paula was born in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma on March 13, 1926. She married Kermit Lay on August 19, 1946. She retired from a long career in Federal Civic Service as a GS-9 with her last position as a Traffic Manager in Logistics at Fort Mason, California. She gave unselfishly of herself in keeping the ex-POW’s memories alive with a newsletter and being a contributing factor in Lou Reda’s film production "Japanese War Crimes - Murder Under The Sun."
  Paula co-founded with Kermit Lay the "Zentsujian Ex-POW Quarterly Newsletter" in 1980, named after the infamous prisoner of war camp located in Zentsuji on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The publication ended due to failing health in January of 1996.
  Originally the letter was sent to POW’s interned at Zentsuji and grew into a large nationwide audience as well as many readers in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The readership began with a handful of survivors and grew into a large mailing exceeding 400 of which many were prisoners of war in various locations in the Pacific Campaign. As time passed the Newsletter became a true labor of love for Paula who spent many hours preparing the eagerly awaited information with her readers who enjoyed the contact with old friends via the Newsletter. Many readers have informed me that the Newsletter was the only link to those trying days of WWII and appreciated the effort in its production. Paula always closed with love from Paula (POW) which meant "Poor Old Wife".
  The "Zentsujians" conducted Annual Conventions with the 1998 site held in Reno, Nevada in August of this year. In October of 1992 the Convention was held in Arlington, Virginia. Paula and I had the honor of being selected to place a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Solder at the Arlington National Cemetery, an honor Paula and I treasured.
  It was at the October 1992 Convention that we had the pleasure of meeting Claude M. Kicklighter, Lieutenant General USA Retired, who was the Executive Director of the 50th Anniversary of World War II Commemoration Committee. This ultimately led to a meeting with Lou Reda, the renowned TV Producer who has produced a number of historical programs for the Arts & Entertainment and History Channels.
  The "Z" Convention was in Dallas in 1995 at which time Paula spent considerable time with Mr. Reda in pre-production work in the film’s production.
  "Japanese War Crimes…" is a hard hitting, blunt and truthful history lesson which without Paula’s assistance would not have enjoyed its success or perhaps not have been filmed. Paula’s name is listed in the ending credits, which I am extremely proud of.
  I lost my beloved "POW" on August 2, 1997 and appreciate being able to share her accomplishments with fellow ex-POW’s, friends and all that are reading this information.

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