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New Dynamic Secure Family Network Site Coming Here Soon 
More secure than FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Circles.

 Do you have boxes and albums of unprotected photos?
We Scan, Protect, Store and Copy using High Speed Equipment
100 Photo Print Scans @ .19 Cents per scan and to  CD or DVD (more info)

Want to be an Associate Publisher in your area. See Below!

You know who they are…
The people in your life who make you happy.
The people who you care about.
The people you want to share with.

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At LovedOnes we can help you do just that.  Whether it’s a birth, a wedding, a graduation, or the life experiences of a loved one passed.   Whatever the Moment, We’ll help you share it around the World.  We will help you preserve your precious family images forever with the latest state of the art digital secure storage systems.  We can equip and train personnel to handle the family project. E-mail Today - License our system and become a affiliate publisher for your area. 
Take part in this new billion dollar + industry.
Independent Contractors Wanted -   LovedOnes Inc. offers hands-on publishing training in organizing, image scanning, image editing, standing templates, digital storage.  Our Publishers also enjoy discounted hardware and software reselling opportunities from our national sponsors. Become part of a team of LovedOnes Digital Professional Biographers / Publishers .  Regional US and International Licensed Territories Available for qualified managers / trainers.

Contact for full details. 

"No One Knows You Love Them Until You Publish"  

Support our Veterans
Publish a Bio or Memorial for a Veteran HERE!
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